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Coffee beans keep the delicious aroma of coffee inside of it. After roasting process coffee beans slowly begin to lose their aroma and flavor. For that reason coffee beans must be protected by high barrier package against external factors such as oxygen and UV light. The most known barrier type of the coffee bags is aluminum which is providing perfect oxygen and UV barrier.

Printed coffee bag

Anatomy of Coffee Bags 

Coffee bags are generally consisting of 3 layers. Outer layer usually made from easy printable materials such as PET or OPP. Middle layer is always acts as a barrier and made from aluminum or MET/PET. Inner layer made from PE which is suitable for food contact. 

Coffee package film

Why Coffee Bags Have Valves?

When you buy roasted coffee bean from any coffee shop or super market the valve on the bag will attract your attention.  Coffee bag valve is a simple air valve which is works one way direction. After roasting process coffee start to release carbon dioxide and that gas must be exhausted from coffee bags with valve. 

On the other hand these air valves should never allow the air entry the coffee bag. Because coffee beans do not like oxygen. Coffee bag valves made from PE which is suitable for PE inner layer of coffee bags.

As we Pal Plastik only use coffee bag valves which is suitable for food contact and have food contact relevance certificates.

100% Recyclable Coffee Bags 

Standard coffee bags are not suitable for recycling because of aluminum barrier. For that reason Pal Plastik developed alternative barrier for coffee bags. To provide high oxygen barrier and aroma protection we use special multilayer EVOH barrier on our coffee bags. EVOH layer with its multilayer structure provide perfect oxygen barrier. On the other hand these coffee bags are suitable for recycling.

Custom Design Coffee Bags

In Pal Plastik we realizing different coffee bag artwork and designs with our 10 color HD printing technology. Whether you dream your coffee bag in matt or bright colors our printing team is working to catch most accurate colors you desire.

We also printing on different materials such as kraft paper. 

Written by Özgür Vurucu 
(Pal Plastik / Sales & Business Development Manager

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